Shikha Academy Kohalpur

Chairperson’s Perspective

Heartiest thanks for considering Nepalgunj Educational Foundation Pvt. Ltd. as preparation for next move into the future of your children. It has run two educational institutions namely Shikha Academy which is located at Kohalpur-8 Pipari It is one of the best institution for standard one to eight. Similarly the next institution is Kids Kingdom Nepalgunj located Nepalgunj-
5, Karkando in which you can get chance to admit your children from PG to UKG. Throughout my career, It has always been my belief that highly qualified human resources are essential in the core of the heart of any institution for students overall development. Knowledge, skill and positive learning attitude of the staffs which I think essential always set the tone of the school community. My personal vision is also to install and acculturate continuous learning environment in Nepalgunj Educational Foundation pvt. Ltd.
Our core mission is to enhance holistic development of the students’. Along with this, we also intend to focus on providing individualized learning support for the students who have been struggling for better learning. Besides these, we also emphasize overall wellbeing of our students, teaching faculties and other staffs through school initiative which encourages resilience essential for the development of healthy and adaptable young people for the nation. In this endeavor, I sincerely expect the continuous support and active involvement of the parents in educating your children who are believed to be the future of our society, nation and the world and who are also responsible to make better world.

About Us

Nepalgunj Educational Foundation Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2016 A.D. in Kohalpur Municipality ward no.8, Nayabasti Banke district which is 1 .3 kilometer east from Pipari Chowk, Surkhet road. This private limited educational company was established by a group of academicians who have knowledge, experience and expertise in the various fields. Our company has launched Kids Kingdom Nepalgunj for Montessori level and Shikha Academy Kohalpur for Secondery level students education. Our main motto is ‘Quality Education, Today’s Need’. Based on our motto, we are committed to provide academic qualities and physical facilities which will meet international standard for the students.


As an internationally acknowledged institution, our goal is to produce future leaders having excellent competence in the field of applied education with high professional ethics, human values and charismatic personalities.


We are committed to provide the best infrastructure and instructional materials for better learning, highly competent and dedicated teaching faculties and value oriented education system so that our institution will produce endowed professionals who will serve for the betterment of the society and economic development of the country.


Our institution reflects the phrase ‘Make it bold’. If your children are eligible for standard pg or above, it will be certainly the best time to send them in our school.


Two Times Day Meal
We pay personal attention on the upbringing of our students’ health by providing highly nutritious and hygienic meals twice a day in a specific time frame so that the habit of timely eating is developed in future.

A/C Classrooms
As we all know that the climate of Nepalgunuj & Kohalpur city varies in different seasons. So, we have managed all the classrooms air- conditioned for good mental state of the students. Hence, the students will not face any problem of climate change while they are in the school.

CCTV Camera
Access to CCTV camera is provided to the guardians so that they can keep their eyes on their children’s activities in the school. our schools is the first innovative school that provides guardians’ access to observe teaching learning activities of their children during the school hours. This creative idea which we think will show a good impact on guardians. Guardians will certainly be happy to watch their children’s activities in the classroom during class hours in the school. Parents’ expectations are fulfilled by managing energetic, experienced, supportive and qualified teaching faculties to teach and supervised the students in safe and happy environment.

Multimedia and Internet Based Classrooms
It is undeniable that the students learn through modern means of technology. our schools is one of the schools which has internet based classrooms. Instructional activates are held using video and audio aids which are scientifically proven that they make long lasting impression of the learning in the students. All the courses or syllabi which are prescribed in each grade are dealt using audio- video aids.

Student Friendly /Stress Free Learning Environment

Friendly /stress free environment is set to each and every student so that they may score best result with their participation in the field of interest. No pressure and boundaries will be created for the students for work or learn.

School Timing

The school starts 9:45 am and closed at 4:30.Almost all the guardians in these days are engaged in their respective jobs. They cannot give proper care for their children during their office hour especially during the day time therefore our schools is the best and safe place for such the guardians who are unable to keep their eyes on their children during their office hour.

Extra Curricular Activities

Imparting ‘Sanskar’ to our students is the main goal of our Institution. We believe that each student must learn something new every day at our schools. We encourage our students to participate in different extracurricular activities. Every student must involve in one of the activities in the school. Extra curricular activities will start from 7.30 a.m. to 9 .00 a.m. in every working days, Specially secondary level students. The list of activities that we provide are mentioned below:

• Swimming  • Cricket   •  Football   • Basketball    •  Dancing      •  Music  •  Public speaking  •  Marshal arts  •  Field visit  • Moral education

Academic Programs

Our company runs the school level education approved by the government of Nepal. We focus on small size classrooms to consolidate individual learning needs and focus to improve students’ skills. Classrooms are spacious, air conditioned, well ventilated and comfortable. The maximum number of students in each classroom is 36 so that the teacher can provide special attention to each students.


Learning at our school is innovative which will grow students individually. We focus on students learning environment. The following concepts are taught with refinement of senses:

  • Gross motor skills. ( use of muscles, strength, hand/leg etc) Fine motor skills. (use of eyes, nose, brain) Language Development.
  • Cognitive skills .(Judgment and Reasoning)
  • Creative arts and music.
  • Development of concepts.
  • Practical life. (Care of self and environment)
  • Table etiquette

Students come to school with a unique personality and learning style. So, to police each facets of life, teach them accordingly and effectively is the prime fOCUS of our school. Teachers must respect individual differences of the students, behave according to the style of the students rather than to force the students to adapt another style. Our teachers are trained at different levels to overcome the obstacles that hinder in better learning. Teachers at our schools are enthusiastic, passionate, hardworking and dedicated to impart their best to each and every individual students.


The school provides Scholarships for genuine students according to the rule of Education Act.
The school provides full scholarships for genuine students who secure first rank in entrance examination.

“Our School is Your Children’s Best Friend Forever”